Trusted and responsible pasta makers
by tradition

We present our Fine Food Philosophy

Behind the philosophy that drives our business lie tangible results, and the refined quality of our products.

Transparency and quality, craftsmanship and careful selection of ingredients, along with respect for the environment are values that have been with us for generations. We want to share them with a wider and more specialised group of people including chefs and restaurateurs, trade buyers and any foodie who holds these values dear and loves to put high quality products on the table.

Marcozzi is one of the main producers of Maccheroncini di Campofilone PGI

+25 years of experience
100% Craftsmanship
100% Made in Italy

Not all pasta is predictable

It's easy to just say pasta, but not all pasta is the same.

You have to try it out in different combinations and the infinite variations offered by experience in the kitchen. We have come up with suggestions and solutions not only for industry professionals like wholesalers and restaurateurs, but for every foodie who wants to cook with outstanding products.

Linea Gourmet

Aimed at cooking and catering specialists

Linea Premium

For people who love to serve traditional excellence

Linea Nature

Designed for those keen on an organic and health-conscious style

Linea Experiences

Special pasta for market "tastings" and exclusive projects
Our commitment
Reliability and sustainability underpin our commitment to our customers.
Tradition and Research
Quality, craftsmanship and strong ties with the area form the basis of our research to offer excellence no matter what.