Truly sustainable


Every product reflects our commitment to caring for and protecting what surrounds us: the environment and the people.

The importance of being responsible and taking care of the environment and also people are fundamental to us. This awareness and deep commitment translate not only into high quality and safety standards, but also into clear and transparent communication, all without compromise.

is completely recyclable

We choose eco-friendly packaging for our products that respect the environment 100%

Constant commitment
to renewable energies

We use clean energy to produce our products

Reduced environmental impact
in transport

The entire supply chain is geared towards complete sustainability: including in the movement of products.

Up to 10%
less paper

Not just recycle but also reduce: our sustainability is guided by these two key ideas


Organic Maccheroncini di Campofilone PGI are our speciality and a masterpiece of the finest pasta tradition. Only genuine, natural and safe ingredients are used: organic durum wheat semolina, grown free of chemical fertilisers; fresh eggs from hens free to roam in the open air, bred without antibiotics. Natural, safe and certified organic methods.


Our roots in Campofilone are very important: a patch of the wonderful Marche region, where the rich tradition is handed down for authentic, excellent and genuine food. The nature that surrounds us is inspirational, and continues to be so, over three generations of master pasta makers.

For this reason, and with the same considerations in mind, we have also chosen another location, Amatrice, for the new pasta factory: nestled in a wonderful spot in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, at an altitude of over a thousand metres. An environment rich in pure water and fresh air that perfectly enhances our artisanal production system.


Our focus on the production chain leads to a reduction in distances, both geographical in terms of ingredients and physical. The size of the production steps and intermediaries always encourages direct contact with suppliers and our customers. It promotes a local and the strengthening of regional economies, encouraging sustainable production.

A short and controlled supply chain that protects the region and tradition while supporting development by strengthening relationships built on trust and community.

A short and controlled supply chain creates value and assurance of excellent products in every respect.

These concepts are best represented through our brands.