Our tradition at the service of brands


One of our goals is to be a reliable partner to contribute to the success of the businesses we work with.

Our experience as master pasta makers and our achievements in gastronomic excellence allow us to meet the various needs and demands for consistently high quality products that meet the requirements of private labels.

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Our history as pasta artisans and entrepreneurs is interwoven with great enthusiasm, respect, commitment and constancy in giving the best in every aspect of our work. A revived culture of eating well has been with us for generations, hand in hand with the historical context and the authentic experience of the area.


The ability to respond to every need of the brands that entrust us with their production is reflected above all by the customisation of each recipe, in every detail. So it becomes "your" pasta.


The characteristics of a product are fundamental, but the service it offers must also be treated in the same way. Because of this, our philosophy and our values underpin the whole production. Versatility and specialisation which, at the same time, allow the production process to be varied easily, guaranteeing a trustworthy relationship. The same trust that we place in our suppliers who we see as partners. This is how we guarantee a short and controlled supply chain.

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