Passion for tradition, knowledge of craftsmanship

Why Fine Food Philosophy

Choice implies selection. So why not choose the best?

The excellence of master pasta makers, combined with high quality ingredients and respect for the environment, offer an authentic and delicious experience, based on a revived culture of eating well that has been part of our heritage for generations. It is important to share this with a wider and more specialised group of hospitality professionals including chefs and restaurateurs, as well as businesses in the agri-food sector.

+25 Years of experience
100% Craftsmanship
100% Made in Italy


We learned all we could from grandma Adelina.

The agility of her hands, her skilful gestures and the marvel of the art of egg pasta were an absolute gift. Her passion also became ours and we, her three grandchildren - Gabriele, Barbara and Attilio - have kept her pasta making secrets and more importantly, we have embraced her love for our work. With this treasure handed down by tradition, we opened the first Marcozzi® artisan workshop in Campofilone. Then we established the Marcozzi® pasta factory in Campofilone, where we combine artisan care with technological innovation, creating a different and wider range of specialities that really responds to people's needs.
Other projects enrich our entrepreneurial reality, not least the start-up of the pasta factory in Amatrice, a sign of conscious growth and attention to the territory.
From families to restaurateurs to wholesalers in the agri-food sector choosing their products. Our pasta is popular not only in our beautiful region, but also nationally and internationally. Good news and good products always travel fast.

The Pasta Factory: Campofilone

Now you know that our pasta factory was inspired by grandma Adelina, but what drives it forward? Over the years we have seen it move to a pasta factory in Campofilone, where the combination of craftsmanship and technology creates quality products that have never lost their characteristic melt-in-the-mouth quality. Our commitment is rewarded with countless awards and certifications that demonstrate the quality you can taste. Because authenticity is instantly recognisable. 

The Pasta Factory: Amatrice

The story of the Amatrice pasta factory began with an ambitious project. Nestled in a picturesque area steeped in history, production is split between traditional recipes and research. Nazareno Strampelli actually embarked on a programme of genetically improving wheat to increase its hardiness. What's more, our pasta is rough and porous and slow dried to preserve all of its fabulous organoleptic properties. A production process that makes it both versatile and very tasty. Amatrice also holds certifications and in particular the De.Co. which confirms the local origin of the product and its link with the history and traditions of Amatrice.


Just like the Maccheroncini di Campofilone, a PGI product, whose undisputed quality is guaranteed by strict regulations governing the entire production chain, each Marcozzi® brand maintains a strong link with the Campofilone area and complies with the standards required by European Organic Certification, guaranteed by Suolo e Salute Srl. 

The same attention is paid to all the products in the Amatrice pasta factory, where the link with the local area and its origins is strong and deeply rooted. Thanks to De.Co. certification the link with tradition is guaranteed, because a region rich in culinary history like Amatrice must be celebrated in the best possible way. Respect for the environment and for people's health are fundamental values both for ourselves and for the well-being of our customers, who are offered only authentic, genuine and high-quality artisanal pasta products and shapes.


Products made only with quality ingredients and special attention to the various stages of processing that contribute to our products being a delight to put on the table. We carefully craft our ingredients, without betraying the wisdom of the master pasta makers who for generations have been able to create the traditional flavour of handmade pasta. From the dough to the slow drying process, up to the choice of the final shape, every step contributes to the excellence of our pasta.


Quality, craftsmanship and strong ties with the area form the basis of our research to offer excellence no matter what.


Good food is also food that respects the environment and the health of those who eat it. This is true for the products we create, they reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability and to people's well-being.


A company like ours, so closely linked to the region, is by nature careful and respectful. We feel we are grateful to our local area and we are community-minded, with a corporate vision of well-being and prosperity. We proudly support local Italian agriculture and the enhancement of the precious ingredients that are the basis of our products.


Without them, we would not have been able to take on so many challenges and we would not have achieved the many goals together that have given us so much satisfaction over the years.