Cucina Tesei

Campofilone traditional and organic egg pasta

A slow-dried egg pasta, it takes us back in time to traditional unspoilt flavours. Original shapes, ideal for making the most creative dishes and surprising even the most demanding palates. What's more, with the Organic line, pasta production combines innovative technology and tradition in healthy, authentic food: all our pasta is free of preservatives, dyes, additives, stabilizers and GMOs and is always made with complete respect for nature. Our pasta guarantees an excellent taste experience: ideal for small tastings, market tests, and for enhancing exclusive projects and recipes.

  • The best raw materials, using only eggs from non-intensive farms and the finest durum wheat semolina.
  • Slow dried, calibrated for each type of size and shape and at low temperatures. Pasta that preserves its nutritional and organoleptic properties.
  • An outstanding main course in moments: quick to cook in a similar time to fresh egg pasta.
  • High cooking yield: 250 g of pasta is equivalent to 4 servings.


Filidoro of Campofilone

Traditional long egg pasta

Fettuccine of Campofilone

Traditional long egg pasta

Tagliatelle of Campofilone

Traditional long egg pasta

Chitarra of Campofilone

Traditional long egg pasta

Pappardelle of Campofilone

Traditional long egg pasta


Short egg pasta

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