Strampelli di Amatrice

Where pasta is at home, combining nature and passion

History, nature, passion and tradition come together in a land, the beating heart of Italy, that shapes an artisanal dry pasta made from 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, rough and porous aspect and the result of slow drying at a low temperature. Pastificio Strampelli pasta factory, built over 1000 metres above sea level in a hamlet of Amatrice in the Monti della Laga district of the Gran Sasso National Park, tells a story of passion, beauty and soul. Here too, few ingredients, but good ones: the sheer purity of its ingredients creates an exquisite product that is the jewel in the crown of any table. Pasta Strampelli is also De.Co certified, a designation that protects the history and traditions of typical local products, for authentic "Made in Amatrice". 

Strampelli di Amatrice pasta is carefully selected for people who demand the best and love to serve traditional excellence.

  • Popular with all ages;
  • Unique processing method;
  • Ideal for preparing traditional dishes like gricia and amatriciana.

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Bucatini ad archetto

Pasta lunga

Mezze Maniche

Pasta corta


Pasta corta

Spaghetti ad archetto

Pasta lunga

Penne Triangolari

Pasta lunga

Spaghetti Quadrati ad Archetto

Pasta lunga

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