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The excellence of the Italian territory expressed with passion

We hear a lot about excellence, but what does it actually mean? For us it means experimenting and letting ourselves be guided by tradition to discover the products that by definition represent Italy's culinary roots. This led to the creation of Gusti & Sapori.

Campofilone: ​​experience and tradition
What do you get when a family's history and experience are passed on? An egg pasta that has Campofilone as its heart and the tradition of age-old craftsmanship that produces a soft and elastic dough. This was the start of an excellent product, rich in both history and flavour. Its organoleptic properties and its versatility also make it suitable for experimenting with exciting new ideas.

Amatrice: Pure water, tradition and love for pasta
From a common thread that links the desire to rediscover a healthy and nutritious way of eating to the history and tradition of Amatrice comes a pasta ready to become a benchmark of excellence. The pasta factory is located in the heart of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in a place that provides the ideal ingredients and the right resources for making a top quality product. This dry pasta is made very special by the extremely pure water of the Park and the slow drying at a low temperature.

  • Amatrice and Campofilone are guarantees of quality;
  • Italian excellence;
  • Premium ingredients.



Linea Campofilone - Pasta all'uovo lunga tradizionale

Organic Fettuccine

Linea Campofilone - Pasta all’uovo lunga bio

Organic Tagliatelle

Linea Campofilone - Pasta all’uovo lunga bio

Organic Chitarroni

Linea Campofilone - Pasta all’uovo lunga bio

Organic Pappardelle

Linea Campofilone - Pasta all’uovo lunga bio

Mushroom Fettuccine

Linea Campofilone - Pasta all’uovo speciale lunga

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